Skin is our Passion! For those who are looking for real results and take their skin to the next level, our Dermal Therapist’s at Melbourne Laser will assist and guide you through your skin journey.

We work from the inside out. By analysing what is going on internally, we get answers to what is happening externally. Therefore, a full diagnosis of your internal health will be advised with a holistic approach.

All advanced skin treatments require a thorough skin health check before commencement and appropriate homecare prescription will be prescribed to ensure long term results.


DMK Enzyme Therapy has the ability to take your skin to the next level.

Enzymes aim to strengthen your skin by working on the internal function of the skin by increasing circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage – detoxification. It rebuilds the skin, increases collagen productivity, strengthens capillaries, improves tone, pigmentation and firms the skin.

Level 1
Enzyme Therapy + Exfoliation (Remove & Rebuild)

Level 2
Double Exfoliation & Enzyme Therapy

Level 3
Triple Exfoliation, Muscle Banding Enzyme Therapy

Alkaline & Enzyme Therapy

Alkaline Resurfacing Therapy is a unique formula that takes the skin’s pH to the opposite end of the ph scale, allowing an action of softening or desquamation of the skin cells. This dissolving action works on acne, scar tissue and fine facial hair.

Alkaline & Enzyme Therapy 1

Alkaline & Enzyme Therapy 3, Muscle Banding

Alkaline Hair Removal & Enzyme Therapy

Mini RP

A 3 Step Muscle Banding Enzyme Treatment providing breathtaking results. Instant lifting and tightening qualities, it is perfect for that Special Occasion!

This treatment will be chosen by your clinician incorporating different pre exfoliation specially chosen for your skin, then Enzyme 1 + 2 + 3 applied. The Transdermal Infusion which locks in integral nutrients completes this skin journey.


Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel/ RP

This treatment is recommended for thickened, sun damage skin in need of total rejuvenation. This revised skin back to the genetic blueprint – the skin you are meant to have…

This treatment takes place over a 10 day period with similar effects to full laser resurfacing. A treatment recommended in winter.

Consultation and skin preparation will be advised.

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